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About Me

Get to know your friendly neighbourhood cute mess. 😘


◽️Name: Elliott
◽️AKA: Elly, Els, El
◽️Pronouns: They/Them

Misc Info

◽️Queer (aroace, genderfluid)


◽️Pisces (sun and moon)


◽️Developmentally Disabled (Autistic, ADHD)

◽️Physically Disabled (clubfoot, arthritis, fibromyalgia)

◽️Mentally Ill (Bipolar II, BPD, OSDD-1b, SAD, Anxiety)

◽️Learning Difficulties (dyscalculia, dyslexia)


◽️listening to music
◽️playing video games


◽️Cartoons: Avatar The Last Airbender, Transformers G1, She Ra and the Princesses of Power

◽️Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Cells at Work

◽️Comics/Manga: Marvels, Fullmetal Alchemist

◽️Video Games: Pokémon Heart Gold, Stardew Valley, The Sims 4

◽️TV Shows: Bones, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder

◽️Movies: Mulan (1998), Pacific Rim

◽️Book: A Wrinkle In Time, Iron Widow, The Dragonlance Chronicles

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